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Fashion at Your Service

Written By

August 11, 2011

Ever wanted a concierge or personal shopping service but found yourself lacking the means? Luckily, fashion has the solution: an array of subscription services that bring some of the industry’s best to your door every month for a nominal fee. Here are some great ways to get fashion and beauty at your service:

1. JewelMint. Created by actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter, this is a service dedicated to one thing: jewelry. Fill out a style profile and a dazzling selection of jewels is available for your choosing every month for just $29.99. You can decline the month’s selection at any time, but with baubles by some of the industry’s top designers and charitable guest selections from celebrities like Rachel Bilson available, they’ll be hard to pass up.

2876-stylemint-thumb-200x152-2825-thumb-150x114-2826.jpg2. StyleMint. Taking a cue from Bosworth and Coulter, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen continue to add to their fashion empire with a t-shirt subscription service. That’s right–the twins have found our weakness for the perfect soft tee. After filling out a style profile, they’ll suggest your next must-have shirt, with each month’s selection costing $29.99. Again, you can pass on a month’s selection at any time, but with styles ranging from preppy to basic to rocker cool, you may not want to.

3. Birchbox. The beauty industry’s answer to the subscription service, this is the ultimate opportunity to try before you buy when it comes to cosmetics. For $10 a month, Birchbox will send you a box of samples of the latest in deluxe beauty from the worlds of makeup, skin care, and hair care. Try what you like in the comfort of your own home, then purchase the full-sized products via the site, where you’ll earn coupons toward future purchases.

2878-Hoseanna-Main-thumb-200x128-2829-thumb-150x96-2830.jpg4. Hoseanna. Love tights and hosiery but hate shopping for them? Now there’s a subscription service that will deliver your favorites right to your door. Whether you’d like your top-label hosiery to be delivered on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis, you won’t have to worry: they’ll just charge you for the products you want and send them straight to you.

5. Sole Society. What woman doesn’t want more shoes? For $39.99, you can have carefully selected styles that are yours for the picking from a style profile tailored to your own tastes. From wedges to gorgeous evening shoes and even a boot here and there, you can expand your wardrobe of footwear each month with the simple click of the mouse. Of course, you can always pass if the shoes shown don’t suit you that particular month.

Fashion and beauty truly at your service? We love anything that makes life easier AND a little more beautiful, so we deem these subscription services most definitely Character Approved.

[Images: StyleMint, Hoseanna, Sole Society]

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